Savy Design Cellphone Lockers

Cell Phone Lockers

Savy Design’s Cell Phone Lockers are made from durable stainless steel, and have been designed to be both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.


These units have front-opening doors and are designed to be bolted to a wall. They are not designed to be rain proof and are intended for areas that are protected from rainfall.


Camlocks are fitted to all boxes, each supplied with 2 keys. In the event of missing keys, new locks can be sourced locally. The camlocks are available with up to 999 different keys. 

Box Numbering:

The box numbers are typically laser-cut into stainless steel tags which are attached to the doors.


Our Cell Phone Boxes are fabricated from brushed stainless steel, and are available in the following grades:

  • Grade 304 for outdoor applications (must be rain protected)
  • Grade 430 for internal use.


The lockers are fabricated from 1.2mm sheet. The doors are shaped in a manner that stiffens them for maximum rigidity, and are bolted into position. They open upwards and fall to the closed position which is  beneficial from both a safety and aesthetic perspective. 


These units are lockers, rather than safes. They are not designed for high security, so should be positioned in a suitably secure location.


Our Cell Phone Lockers are typically supplied in units of 50 boxes, dimensioned as shown. 

Units of other quantities are available on request.

The internal box dimensions are 174mm deep x 99mm wide.   

Cell phone locker detail
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