Savy Design Residential Letterboxes

Residential Letterboxes 

Savy Design's Letterboxes are fabricated from satin finished stainless steel. All our letterboxes can be personalized to include you house number, street address or name. 

Fonts - While we can accommodate most fonts, some popular font alternatives are indicated here.

We will also custom design a letterbox especially for you. Simply Andrew on (021) 712 0100 or 083 393 1441 us or mail us you requirements at and we will come up with a proposal.

Pricing - Scroll down to the bottom of this page for pricing for our standard letterboxes.

Our Letterboxes are available in various types for bolting to a wall. (Pricing below)

Portrait Orientation:

  • 300mm wide x 400mm high standard letterbox . 
  • 300mm wide x 450mm high letterbox with newspaper tube included across the top of the box for bulky mail.

Landscape Orientation:

  • 395mm wide x 270mm high.

They have a hooded letter opening and front opening door.

Newspaper Tube

Our freestanding Newspaper Tube is fabricated from 100mm diameter stainless steel tubing. The length of the tube is 450mm.

Double-Sided Letterboxes

Our Double-Sided letterboxes are available in landscape orientation for building into a wall. (Pricing below).

  • Standard - 280mm wide x 170mm high x 350mm deep
  • Extra Large - 395mm wide x 270mm high x 350mm deep.

For more information on our double-sided letterboxes including the opening sizes to allow in your wall, please download the brochure below:

Savy Design - Rear Opening Letterboxes.pdf Savy Design - Rear Opening Letterboxes.pdf
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Stainless Steel 450x300mm Letterbox with Newspaper Tube

Letterbox 450 x 300mm with Newspaper Tube 

Landscape Letterbox with Newspaper Tube

Landscape Orientation Letterbox with Freestanding Newspaper Tube

Double-Sided Extra Large Letterbox - Front
Double-Sided Standard Letterbox - Rear

Pricing for Letterboxes

Letterboxes - Portrait Orientation:

Letterbox 300 x 400mm - R2350.00 (grade 304) / R2650.00 (grade 316) + Vat

Letterbox 300 x 450mm with newspaper tube - R2750.00 (grade 304) / R2950.00 (grade 316) + Vat

Letterboxes - Landscape Orientation:

Letterbox 395 x 270mm letterbox - R2350.00 (grade 304) / R2650.00 (grade 316) + Vat

Built - In Letterboxes - Landscape Orientation:

Standard 280 x 170 x 350mm - R2250.00 (grade 304) / R2450.00 (grade 316) + Vat

Extra Large 395 x 270 x 350mm - R2850.00 (grade 304) / R3150.00 (grade 316) + Vat

Freestanding Newspaper Tube

Newspaper Tube 450mm - R950.00 (grade 304) + Vat

  Contact Savy or Andrew on (021) 712 0100 or 083 393 1441, or e-mail