Savy Design Bulk Letterbox Banks

Letterbox Banks 

Savy Design manufactures stainless steel letterbox banks for apartment complexes and office buildings.
Stainless steel letterbox unit

Types of Letterbox Banks

  • Front opening letterbox banks would typically be mounted onto a the face of a wall or built into a wall.
  • Rear opening letterbox banks would typically be built into a wall.


Savy Designs letterboxes are fabricated from either brushed stainless steel grade 304 or 316, or from powder-coated 3Cr12, which 

  • Grade 304 stainless steel is suitable for inland conditions.
  • Grade 316 stainless steel is suitable for coastal conditions.
  • 3Cr12 is a grade of stainless steel that must be powder-coated, and is then suitable for all areas.


Savy Design can customize our  letterbox banks to suit the available space, or we can make them to SAPO specifications.


The box numbers are laser-cut through the face-plates and doors, with a black backing applied behind the cut-out areas to close them off and add legibility.


We use high quality Viro camlocks, manufactured from Nickel plated brass, and we supply 2 sets of keys per box.


Depending on the configuration required, material choice, box dimensions and number of boxes in the letterbox bank, the prices typically range from R550 / box to R1050 / box to fabricate & deliver. For more information on our types of bulk letterboxes and their pricing, download the brochure below:

Front Opening Stainless Steel Letterbox Bank

Front opening letterbox bank

External View of Double Sided Letterbox Bank

Front view of rear opening letterbox bank

Rear View of Double Sided Letterbox Bank

Rear view of a rear opening letterbox bank 

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For more info

Please contact us or call Andrew on +27 21 712 0100 or mobile +27 83 393 1441, or email

Please let us have the following information:

  • Number of boxes required
  • Inside of outside
  • Coastal or inland
  • Doors on the front or rear
  • Exposed to rain or under cover
  • Bolted on or built in  

We will respond with a proposal layout & indicative pricing.