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Our signs and letterboxes typically involve lasercutting text in stainless steel plates, and we can do this in almost any font. While there are almost limitless fonts available for download from the web, some popular font choices are shown below:

Alternative fonts for signs
About Fonts:
There are 3 basic classifications of fonts:
  • Serif fonts
  • Sans Serif fonts
  • Script fonts

Serif fonts are based on older typefaces and are therefore more suited to traditional style environments.

Goudi Old Style serif font used for 'Martinstraat'

Sans Serif fonts are based on modern typefaces with the letters squared off and geometrically shaped, and are therefore more suited to modern architecture.

Sans Serif font used for 'Kamdeboo'

Script fonts are based on handwriting styles and range from extremely formal to extremely informal. They also come in calligraphic form where the letters are linked together. They would typically be used where a sense of informality is desired.

Script font 'Mistral' used for 'Milkwood'